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Our passion for cuisine is matched only by our dedication to creating an unparalleled dining experience for each guest. Born from a love of bold flavors and fresh ingredients, our restaurant has quickly become a cornerstone of the Havelock community, offering a menu that blends traditional Tex-Mex dishes with innovative culinary techniques to for the first Modern-Mex eatery.


Revolutionizing Tex-Mex Cuisine

We believe that food is more than just sustenance; it's a journey. That's why we've committed ourselves to infuse every dish with creativity and passion, transforming the familiar into something extraordinary. From our signature nachos, brimming with house-made toppings, to our inventive entrees that challenge the norms of Tex-Mex cuisine, our menu is designed to surprise and delight.



Our Journey So Far



Our famous nachos were discovered in 2013. It would not be perfect but most people who ate them could not get enough. On many occasions there were guests who attended parties where the nachos were served and they ate so much they had to be rolled out of the house. Over the next nine years, Damon would pour every ounce of creativity into this one dish. He perfected it to the point that even the pickiest of eaters love it.



In 2022 Damon became determined to bring this amazing dish to the world. Shortly after moving his family from Tampa, FL to Havelock, NC he purchased his first food truck. He has been running Nacho Shack with the help of his family ever since.

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